Inspection Tips for On-highway Motorcycles

While motorcycles are exempt from emissions testing, the State of Utah requires safety inspections for on-highway motorcycles.

  • For newer motorcycles, a safety inspection is required when the model year is four, eight and ten years old.
  • For motorcycles ten years and older, it must pass a safety inspection every year.

What is checked during a motorcycle inspection?

The Utah Highway Patrol's Vehicle Safety Inspection office maintains a list of minimum standards focusing on the condition and operation of the motorcycle in order to operate safely on Utah's highways. Each inspection must check:

  • Windshield integrity (if installed)
  • Visibility from required mirrors
  • Looseness in steering
  • Horn must be heard at 200 feet
  • Proper aim of high and low beam headlights
  • Proper color and operation of lights and reflectors
  • Inflation and damage or wear to tires
  • Body and fenders
  • Battery and electrical wiring
  • Exhaust system
  • Master cylinder
  • Suspension and undercarriage
  • Wheels and brakes including play in brake pedal

If your motorcycle passes inspection, as an authorized "On the Spot" registration services provider, DEKRA can submit your inspection and registration renewal to save you a separate trip to the DMV.

If your motorcycle does not pass, you'll receive instructions on required repairs. Once repairs are complete, stop back at any DEKRA station for a free re-test to confirm your motorcycle is road ready.

Tips for motorcycles:

The following tips can help your motorcycle pass its inspection, and at the same time help keep our roads safe!

  • Regular maintenance
    Change your oil and filters as recommended by the manufacturer to help your motorcycle operate efficiently. It is also important to use the type of oil and fuel recommended by the manufacturer for best performance.
  • Watch for leaks
    Low fluid levels can affect the efficiency and performance of your vehicle, or can represent an underlying problem that coudl lead to a test failure.
  • Gas cap required
    Make sure your gas cap is in place and is of the correct type to avoid excess fumes and evaporative emissions.
  • Watch for warning lights
    If a warning light is lit, it could indicate a problem that could cause your motorcycle to fail its inspection and could indicate a safety concern.

Visit a DEKRA station for more expert advice and a fast, professional motorcycle inspection. Download a $5 off coupon for your next safety inspection!


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